It’s time to STOP the Port of Vancouver’s artificial island mega-project at Roberts Bank!


It's time for the Government of Canada to Reject Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RBT2). 


Because the Port of Vancouver’s RBT2 project is a major economic and environmental risk for Canada.


Because there is a better plan for West Coast container terminal capacity – GCT Global Container Terminal’s Deltaport Berth 4 (DP4).

DP4’s smaller footprint and incremental approach means less environmental impact and less cost. And, unlike the Port of Vancouver’s $3.5 billion plan, DP4 is privately-funded and therefore not a risk to taxpayers.

The Port’s RBT2 mega-project builds a massive artificial island in the ecologically sensitive Salish Sea, causing damage Environment Canada says will be “permanent, irreversible, and continuous” and cause an “unmitigable species-level risk to the Western Sandpiper and other shorebirds.”

It's time for the Government of Canada to Reject RBT2. 

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