Port of Vancouver is 'disappointing' with Terminal 2



Re: Port ‘disappointed’ after city opposes T2

As we know, the [Port of Vancouver] is a federal Crown corporation, an entity in which we all own a share. As such it has the responsibility to set standards for private corporations to follow. Sadly, with [the Roberts Bank Terminal 2] project, the [Port of Vancouver] itself is a disappointment.

The claim that “nine years of public consultation and engagement” has brought “much positive” feedback is misleading. The port has never shown any interest in dialogue with anyone that has concerns with this project.

The Delta community office is little more than an exercise in public relations handing out cheques to community groups. Has our representative port board member shown any interest or presence in the community?

The environmental impact that [Terminal 2] will have is significant but real concern hasn’t been shown. Their claim that “collaboration is key for sustainable port operations and growth” does not seem to have any significance when it comes to Delta.

By way of qualification, the article points out the many financial benefits the [Port of Vancouver] brings to Delta. It continues by stating that the “independent panel affirmed the need for the project” and did “review alternative means.”

Yes, the [Port of Vancouver] brings financial benefits to this area. Will [Terminal 2] do the same? The two significant “alternative means,” an expansion to Prince Rupert and an expansion of the existing terminal were excluded and disregarded by the review panel for completely arbitrary reasons. Both have a viable business case and neither presents the environmental issues that [Terminal 2] presents.

The review panel recognized 71 environmental concerns that need “mitigation” for this project. Mitigation was a management practice acceptable in the past. Canada needs to do and be better environmentally. Our survival depends on this. Mitigation offers no way out of a national climate emergency.

Lastly, the [Terminal 2] business case is so unattractive the [Port of Vancouver] cannot find an operator for the proposed terminal. This will likely mean that if it gets built, you and I will be subsidizing the port and shipping industry.

The Port of Vancouver has a vision “to be the world’s most sustainable port.” It fails in this and to “work for the benefit of all Canadians” with this proposal. As a federal Crown corporation, the [Port of Vancouver] continues to be a disappointment.

Thank you, City of Delta, for recognizing the problems with this proposal and refusing to support it.

This article about Port of Vancouver is 'disappointing' with Terminal 2 by Peter van der Velden originally appeared in the Delta Optimist on August 6, 2020. 

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