RBT2 continues to cast a dark economic and environmental shadow


Welcome back!

As you return to the Parliament and turn your attention to pressing issues facing the nation, we would like to remind you of a problem looming on the West Coast, in the beautiful and ecologically sensitive Salish Sea: the Port of Vancouver’s proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 mega project.  

Rather than using our own words, we’ll just recap some of the headlines of the past year:  

  1. Port of Vancouver’s Roberts Bank Terminal 2 should not be built
  2. T2 is an environmental disaster that’s flying under the radar
  3. There are incremental options to Terminal 2 that offer no risk to taxpayers
  4. RBT2 continues to be flawed
  5. Terminal 2 would annihilate an entire species
  6. Time to stop this flawed project
  7. End Terminal 2 talk
  8. T2 has failed any kind of environmental scrutiny
  9. Do the right thing and defeat the T2 proposal
  10. Scientists make final bid to stop Port of Vancouver’s terminal expansion: ‘they can’t mitigate the consequences’
  11. Delta wants federal government to delay or deny Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project
  12. Ottawa urged to pause proposed B.C. port expansion, consider alternative plan
  13. Councillors ask Ottawa to can marine container terminal project in Delta, B.C.
  14. T2 project has many flaws
Are these the kind of headlines the Government wants to see over and over and over again?   

RBT2 will lead to permanent environmental damage and needless spending of billions in taxpayer dollars without solving supply chain resiliency. It is time to #RejectRBT2.  
We urge the Government of Canada to rule in the public interest and #RejectRBT2 now, and work with the private sector to build resiliency in the supply chain.