Vancouver Port Authority reverses position on GCT’s container terminal expansion project


In its rush to advance its own Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RBT2) project, despite the existence of much more viable options up and down the West Coast, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) may have breached the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act during recent public hearings held by the Canadian Environment Assessment Agency (now Impact Assessment Agency of Canada).

Here you can read GCT Global Container Terminals' letter to the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada regarding the VFPA’s assertions during public hearings that GCT’s DP4 project was not feasible. The letter highlights the reversal of the VFPA’s position, immediately after the closing of the public record on the hearings, following numerous instances during the hearings where they reiterated information that their own consultants’ 2017 report had contradicted. This could be interpreted as an attempt to mislead the panelists.


Instead of working with GCT, one of the country's largest marine industry employers and long-time tenant and operator of container terminals in Vancouver and Delta, to add terminal capacity on the West coast, the VFPA, government regular and port landlord, has decided it is going to try to get into the terminal business. 

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