Frequently Asked Questions

Why expand the port at all?

Trade through the Pacific Gateway helps to create the jobs and growth that support Vancouver, British Columbia, and, indeed, all of Canada's quality of life. To strengthen and sustain that trade, Canada needs container port capacity.

Why should I care about which port expansion goes forward?

It's about fairness and competitiveness. To strengthen and sustain trade, Canada needs container terminal capacity. We are at a cross roads and must decide how we build needed container terminal capacity, where we build it, and who will pay for it.

The VFPA as a government agency is putting forward and preferring its own expansion project, while refusing to even review a lower-cost, lower-risk to taxpayers, and more environmentally-conscious project proposed by the existing GCT Deltaport terminal operator.

GCT is seeking a fair, transparent, timely and equal footing regulatory process for its private sector project proposal in a situation where the local Port Authority is itself the proponent of a competing project.

Isn't your project too far behind? RBT2 is almost done its environmental assessment process.

The expansion at Roberts Bank is important to the success of the Pacific Gateway, and, therefore, to the future of the region, the province, and the country. It carries high stakes for the environment, local communities, workers, and Indigenous peoples. It is too important to rush. Moreover, there is still time to get it right. Based on current forecasts, additional capacity won't be needed until the 2030s, at the earliest.

In what way is the VFPA's port expansion process flawed?

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) has used its position as regulator to refuse to conduct the necessary environmental review of the Canadian Delta Project (GCT Deltaport Berth 4), despite its statutory duty to do so. Instead, VFPA has shortlisted 5 foreign companies to potentially run its own proposed terminal, RBT2.

GCT is seeking is a fair, transparent and independent review of its Canadian Deltaport Project.

Who is behind the Better Deltaport campaign?

How can I get involved and help?

We need a fair process and a chance to make our case. We are asking for your help.

Here are three things that you can do today:

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