Fierce private sector competition to add West Coast container terminal capacity


With two private sector companies, DP World at the Port of Prince Rupert and GCT Global Container Terminals at Deltaport, vying to pay for and then operate additional container terminal capacity on Canada’s West Coast, why is the Port of Vancouver getting involved?

Building and operating container terminals is not part of the Port of Vancouver mandate, yet they continue trying to squeeze out private sector investment while pushing their flawed Terminal 2 project that will cost more than $3.5 Billion in public money to build an artificial island in the Salish Sea causing irreparable environmental damage.

When is the Government of Canada going to act and stop the Port of Vancouver’s $3.5B taxpayer funded Terminal 2 project and let private sector investors and operators such as DP World and GCT Global Container Terminals do their job of adding and operating West Coast container capacity needs?


Prince Rupert port seeking to double capacity through the addition of a second container terminal

GCT Deltaport Berth 4 Expansion Project proceeds to the next phase of an environmental assessment

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