City of Delta Mayor and Council urges Federal Government to Delay or Deny RBT2


Councillors in the Lower Mainland city of Delta have voted unanimously against the Port of Vancouver’s Roberts Bank Terminal 2 project (RBT2). They have asked the federal government to reject or postpone the construction of the new marine container terminal, citing environmental concerns, and the need for a fair and comparative analysis of the proposed GCT Deltaport Berth 4 Project’s environmental and community impacts.

There is time to get the decision right, as City of Delta states: “Given the magnitude of these proposed port expansions, planning timeframes in multiples of decades, and billions of dollars in investment, this should not be considered an unreasonable delay, especially if it results in the best option for the environment and the community.”

"Our federal scientists have come out and said the adverse effects will be immediate, continuous and cannot be mitigated. We need to support our federal scientists; they are the ones that I listen to," said Delta Mayor George Harvie. 

These articles published by Global News and Delta Optimist provide further insights: 

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It is time to listen to the science and #RejectRBT2.

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