Timely GCT’s Deltaport Berth 4 expansion


A recent Business in Vancouver editorial, 'Unclog Canada's national trade arteries,' suggests Canada urgently needs more West Coast container capacity.  

The Port of Vancouver will have you believe its Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RBT2) container terminal expansion plan is the ONLY solution – some 10 years from now!

Well, GCT’s Deltaport Berth 4 (DP4) has half the construction time of RBT2, is better for the environment, is fully-funded by private investment, and can provide timely container capacity!

Construction of the Port of Vancouver RBT2's, which will build an artificial island the size of 150 football fields (164 hectares) in the ecologically-sensitive Fraser River Estuary, will take seven plus years! And, additional time will be required to find and commission a terminal operator, which they have failed to do twice already!  

With only a four-year construction timeline, GCT's DP4 will deliver additional container terminal capacity in half the time because of the project’s much smaller footprint and incremental expansion plan.

GCT has recently achieved another key milestone in the coordinated impact assessment process, moving to the Impact Statement Development Phase. This timely advancement means the project is on track to deliver additional West Coast terminal capacity when needed.

It is time to consider the facts, the data, the science, and the economy. It is time to #RejectRBT2 and choose to build a #BetterDeltaport.

Email your Member of Parliament to help stop the Port of Vancouver’s harmful expansion project.

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