Our supply chains should not disrupt theirs…


Across Canada for the month of June, organizations and Canadians are advocating for the awareness and action to safeguard our environment and restore our ecosystems.

This is a perfect time to also raise awareness of the environmentally-damaging Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RBT2) megaproject that keeps pressing forward through the regulatory process.

RBT2 proposes to build a new 164-hectare artificial island (the equivalent of 150 football fields) in the ecologically-sensitive Fraser River Estuary and Salish Sea. In addition to the harmful environmental impact, RBT2 is expensive ($3.5 billion), funded on the backs of taxpayers, and raising costs for all terminal operations thus making B.C. ports uncompetitive. 

According to Environment Canada, RBT2 will cause damage that is “permanent, irreversible, and continuous,” and the Federal Review Panel also concluded that the project would result in "numerous significant adverse residual and cumulative effects, including on Dungeness crab, on ocean-type juvenile Chinook salmon, and on the Southern Resident Killer Whale." 

And many more share these concerns:

If the recovery of Canada's endangered and iconic wildlife is a priority for the Government of Canada, then the Port of Vancouver’s RBT2 new island megaproject must be rejected.  Especially when we consider there is another better alternative that is less costly, less damaging and ready to come online when capacity will be required.

There is a better solution 

Fortunately, there is a better way to add container capacity on the West Coast, incrementally, with minimal environmental impact. 

With a footprint 1/3 the size and in an area that minimizes the ecological impact, GCT Global Container Terminals’ Deltaport Berth 4 (DP4) expansion to add a fourth berth to the existing footprint is lower cost, privately funded, and much more environmentally-conscious.

It is time to consider the facts, the data, the science, and the economy. It is time to #RejectRBT2 and choose to build a #BetterDeltaport.

Email your Member of Parliament to help stop the Port of Vancouver’s harmful expansion project.

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