Port of Vancouver's misuse of public money


The Port of Vancouver, a federal government agency, is spending tens of thousands per week on advertising aimed at… the federal government, while Canadians struggle with rising cost of living. 

For years, the Port of Vancouver, a federal government agency that reports to the Minister of Transport, has been undertaking advertising targeted at the federal government

Billboards near Parliament Hill and at the Ottawa Airport. Ads in The Hill Times, iPolitics, National Newswatch and other media outlets. Ads on social media. All these ads have been promoting the Port’s proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 in an effort to obtain Ottawa’s approval for a flawed, massively expensive, taxpayer-funded, and unnecessary megaproject that will be devasting to the environment. 

More recently, the Port of Vancouver has ramped up their Roberts Bank Terminal 2 campaign in Ottawa and is now spending tens of thousands of dollars per week on advertising that targets federal Ministers, Members of Parliament, political staff and public servants.  

Given that the Port of Vancouver is a federal government agency that reports to the Minister of Transport, is exempt under the federal Lobby Act as a shared governance organization, and thus part of the federal government, this clearly makes no sense and is a blatant misuse of public money. 

What is less clear is who is accountable for this waste of taxpayers’ money. 

Thankfully, the Minister of Transport is moving forward with the Ports Modernization Review, that includes changes to Port governance, which are very clearly needed. 

It is time to consider the facts, the data, the science, and the economy. It is time to #RejectRBT2 and choose to build a #BetterDeltaport.

Email your Member of Parliament to help stop the Port of Vancouver’s harmful expansion project.

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