Why keep ignoring Environment and Climate Change Canada?


The Government of Canada, in Budget 2021, made a historic investment of close to a billion dollars to meet Canada's 2025 Marine Conservation Targets to protect the health of our oceans and give our important habitats, species and ecosystems a chance to survive and thrive.

Why spend $1 billion in taxpayer dollars to protect ocean habitats, species and ecosystems on the one hand, but on the other hand not stop the Port Authority of Vancouver’s Roberts Bank Terminal 2 (RBT2) project – a $3.5 billion taxpayer-funded, environmentally-damaging, artificial island in the ecologically sensitive Salish Sea? Especially when there is a better, environmentally-conscious solution being proposed by GCT Global Container Terminals

Watch video: Environmental problems with Port of Vancouver's Roberts Bank Terminal 2

In February 2018, Environment and Climate Change Canada characterized the environmental impacts of RBT2 as “permanent, irreversible, and, continuous.

The Federal Review Panel for RBT2 concluded that the project would result in "numerous significant adverse residual and cumulative effects.

Most recently, in October 2022, Environment and Climate Change Canada reiterated that despite the Port Authority’s attempts at mitigation, “the change predicted as a result of the [RBT2] Project would likely constitute an unmitigable species-level risk to Western Sandpipers, and shorebirds more generally.” Here is a link to that report.

It is time to consider the facts, the data, the science, and the economy. It is time to #RejectRBT2 and choose to build a #BetterDeltaport.

Email your Member of Parliament to help stop the Port of Vancouver’s harmful expansion project.

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