Editor: End Terminal 2 talk



The irresponsible take Robin Silvester, CEO of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority, is voicing on the Roberts Bank Terminal 2 development is another spin put out by their team of development marketers whose livelihoods depends on expanding and supporting VFPA activities.

Robin Silvester's team was embarrassing to watch as they had only one response to all the science presented that proved the damage already done and future likely damage. “We can mitigate that.”

The ability to hide behind your marketing team is wearing thin.

We see what is behind the curtain and watching the port development destroy critical habitat that all us humans depend on to thrive is very ugly, indeed.

This Letter to Editor about End Terminal 2 talk by Teresa Jones originally appeared in the Delta Optimist on October 17, 2020. 

Watch: Environmental impacts of Port of Vancouver's Roberts Bank Terminal 2