GCT a step closer to providing smart, incremental container terminal expansion at Roberts Bank


GCT’s expansion project- Deltaport Berth Four Project (DP4) has reached an important milestone! 

DP4 is undergoing a coordinated impact assessment by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) and the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (BCEAO).

On October 28, the Detailed Project Description was accepted, and the Readiness Decision Report along with the Readiness Decision Order were issued recommending that the Project proceed to the next phase of an Environmental Assessment.

GCT has a proud history and a proven record of delivering economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable projects. DP4 is a smart, incremental, and privately-funded expansion of GCT’s existing terminal footprint to add a fourth berth. It’s the lower-cost, lower environmental-impact, and lower-risk to taxpayers option for providing more container terminal capacity on the West Coast, #BuildingBackBetter for Canada.

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Competing Delta port expansion bid moves to next step
GCT Canada says it continues to advance the DP4 expansion project through the regulatory process with federal and provincial regulatory agencies
DELTA OPTIMIST, November 2, 2021, by Sandor Gyarmati

The operator of the container terminal at Roberts Bank this week announced it has reached another milestone in its application to add a fourth berth to the existing facility.

Global Container Terminals has announced that its Detailed Project Description was accepted and a Readiness Decision Report by the BC Environmental Assessment Office along with a Readiness Decision Order recommending that the project proceed to an environmental assessment.

The Detailed Project Description was developed following the issuance of a Joint Summary of Issues by the regulators.

It incorporates input from consultation and engagement with provincial, territorial and Indigenous jurisdictions, Indigenous groups, the public, federal authorities and other participants.

It also describes how the input contributed to the changes to the proposed project.

The Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, meanwhile, issued a Notice of Impact Assessment Decision to move the project to the next phase of the coordinated impact assessment.

The Deltaport Fourth Berth (DP4) project is a competing application to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s proposed Terminal 2 (T2) expansion, which would see a three-berth terminal constructed on a man-made island adjacent to the existing facility at Roberts Bank. GCT says its project will provide incremental, market-driven capacity through a phased expansion of the current terminal footprint, adding up to two million TEUs (20-foot equivalent units) of new capacity, as it is needed.

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