Is smaller port expansion proposal the better option?



The March 26 edition of the Delta Optimist had a big ad by Global Container Terminals advocating a "Better Deltaport." It's interesting how this saga has been evolving over the years. 

The recent research article on biofilm in Frontiers of Marine Science, by Peter Schnurr et al, clearly identifies the potential for environmental hazards for habitat destruction for the declining salmon runs in the Fraser River and migratory birds' biofilm and salmon fingerlings' food supply by any port expansion.

Should our cities along the Fraser River and Fraser-Voices form an unholy alliance to get involved with this competing smaller proposal for expanding Deltaport that may provide less environmental damage to Roberts Bank? Or is neither proposal acceptable based on the hazards of its environmental footprint and their business case versus the competing ports along the B.C.'s West Coast.

The federal government is about to make an important decision about where, how and by whom additional container port capacity on Canada’s West Coast may be provided. There are two projects to consider, but only one or both will be unsuccessful.

Jim Ronback

This article by Jim Ronback originally appeared in the Delta Optimist on March 30, 2020.

Watch more about what is happening at Roberts Bank: