Editor: Global Container Terminals’ Deltaport commentary is worth considering


Editor: Last week Global Containers issued a point-by-point commentary on Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s plan to build another island in the heart of the Fraser River estuary.

They bring up a lot of good points and question as to why the Port continues to move forward on this flawed expansion plan.

They ask many questions and I am pleased to give my opinion as follows.

First of all the Port is an appointed group of insiders with a board of directors who appoint another group of insiders (Port management) to run the Port’s business. They are supposed to report to the federal government via Transport Canada.

Unfortunately, there has never been and never will be any accountability in this arrangement. Port management are highly paid empire builders who want to push their agenda in spite of a week business case as well as ignoring the environmental risk to the estuary and the Fraser River ecosystem.

Their business case is flawed and they already failed to meet the minimum environmental standard of Environment Canada as shown in the public hearings as reported by the Review Panel about 18 months ago. In spite of this fact, our federal minister of the environment has given the Port special accommodation to try and remedy their environmental proposal. This is a total disgrace and only encourages the Port to forge ahead with their plans to proceed with project called Terminal 2 or T-2.

Not only that but the Port has appointed a full-time lobbyist in Ottawa and has implemented a multimillion dollar ad campaign to sway public opinion.

Their ads brag about their environmental record and how well they represent Canada's interests. This is all done with taxpayer money. How warm does that make you feel?

This process goes against our traditional way of running the peoples’ business in Canada and against the principle of democracy.   

Apparently, we expect to have a call for a federal election sometime later this year.

Please think about this important issue before you vote.

I for one will be voting for accountability and hopefully you will do the same.

Don Paulsen

This article originally titled Letters: Global Containers, Deltaport commentary is worth considering was originally published in the Delta Optimist on May 28, 2021. 

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